A young Western woman returns to Japan to gain insight and find peace in her past relationship with her Japanese ex-lover. She tries by explaining the world, more specifically by explaining "the transience". 


She travels through Japan, observing nature, through the transitions of the seasons. She lets the richness of vocabulary guide her. In Japanese there are many words for natural phenomena and emotional moments that we do not know in Dutch or English. She gets a different perspective on things through Japanese culture. If she succeeds, she will be able to understand what happened to their love. 


Do you hear the wind in the pine tree examines those experiences that cannot easily be expressed with words, but that everyone experiences, feels and knows. It is about those moments when we consciously appreciate life. Which makes us feel small in the world as humans, but in a positive way, as a small part of a big whole.

currently in production

moving images and 2D animation


English and Japanese spoken