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I was looking for an answer, but now I just don't want to forget. Piece by piece I lose parts of my memories. A whole day is reduced to an evening. An evening to a moment. And a moment to one still image. That is all I remember. That image, and the feeling I had.


The first time I went to Japan I didn’t leave Tokyo. I fell in love with the city at once. Six months later I went back to live there for a longer period of time. I was looking for an answer to what seemed like a simple question: Where does it feel like home? Ancient Japanese beliefs say humans come from water. I wanted to see if I could change too, if I could change my shape and adapt to my surroundings. Okaeri is the word my roommates shouted every time I entered the front door, it means ‘welcome home’. (2019)

24:09 minutes

moving images and photographs

color and black and white

Japanese spoken

English subtitles

winner of 'Horlait-Dapsens Foundations' prize (Belgium, 2019)

honorable mention

VAF wildcard documentary (2019)

shortlist Oberhausen 2020 International Competition

BREEDBEELD kortfilmfestival,

Antwerp, 2019

Cinema Urbana,

Antwerp 2020

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